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    BPI Sports - 1.M.R. Vortex - 50 Servings (150 grams) - Snow Cone
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    BPI Sports - 1.M.R. Vortex - 50 Servings (150 grams) - Snow Cone

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    Brand: BPI Sports
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    • Newest Evolution in Pre-Workout Supplements – 1.M.R VORTEX™ Has Been Compounded and Engineered to Intensify The Quality of Your Workouts, no Matter What Kind of Training You’re Doing.
    • Pre-Workout Powder That Fuels Training Intensity – 1.M.R VORTEX™ Promotes Sustained Hydration and Mental Clarity Allowing You to go Harder in The Gym by Increasing the Length of Time Until The Onset of Fatigue.
    • Unique Ingredients to Support Unstoppable Energy and Endurance – The Full Speed Vortex™ Matrix is a Unique Combination of Vitamins and Nutrients, Including Glycerol, to Boost Energy Levels for Prolonged Periods of Time and Increase Mental and Motor Activation.
    • Supports Strength and Focus – Niacin Enhances Central Dopaminergic Activity, Which Improves Brain Function for Better Focus and Coordination. Caffeine Provides You with a Powerful Boost in Energy so You Can Push The Limits of Your Workout.

    Energy & Performance Pre-Workout Formula

    What Is 1MR VORTEX?

    Start your workout session right every time with the BPI Sports 1.M.R VORTEX pre-training powder! This special concoction is designed to help you train stronger, harder and more efficiently, ensuring that your time in the gym isn’t wasted. No matter what kind of training you’re doing, 1.M.R VORTEX keeps you going through the most intense training sessions! *†

    Why Is It Better?

    With a special blend of 6 different ingredients, 1.M.R VORTEX promotes strength, enhances your endurance and provides intense focus and energy. But what exactly is it that you need for a truly great workout? Extreme energy. 1.M.R VORTEX contains caffeine which has been shown to help improve focus and keeps you alert throughout the day, along with a powerful boost in energy. No excuse of being tired or not being able to get through a workout anymore; 1.M.R Vortex allows you to push the limits of training, no matter what time you work out. Another performance ingredient in this formula is glycerol which facilitates more efficient water transport to your cells, supporting cellular hydration and increasing muscle volume during your workout. The last but definitely not least most important ingredient is Yohimbe. This herbal supplement helps increase blood flow and promotes healthy weight loss, plus increased body temperature which causes us to burn more calories. Stronger blood flow means faster oxygen flow which leads to more energy!

    Only use 1.M.R VORTEX pre-workout powder on your training days. It is recommended that you first try out one scoop (1 serving) to help gauge your tolerance level. It’s easy to prepare, just mix one serving into 6-8 ounces of cold water, the beverage of your choice, or as suggested by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed 2 servings (two scoops) within a 24 hour period and avoid taking it within 4 hours before your bedtime to avoid sleeplessness. Consuming 1.M.R VORTEX on a full stomach may diminish its effects.

    If you’re looking for a massive boost in your work out, then your search ends with the BPI Sports Pre-Training Powder. Designed with maximum power, strength, energy and focus in mind, this supplement won’t let you down in your never-ending quest for a great body.*†

    What’S In 1MR VORTEX?

    Powerful Pre-Workout Powder

    Power up with 1.M.R VORTEX before you undertake an intense fitness program! This pre-workout provides extreme energy, intense focus and increases in strength and power.

    Caffeine For Energy And Focus

    No more excuses, get moving! The caffeine in 1.M.R VORTEX gives you the boost you need in the gym, plus keep you focused and dialed in during your training session.

    Glycerol For Hydration And Muscle Volume

    Glycerol promotes water transfer to each cell, thus allowing you muscles to be full and pumped. Look fuller and more muscular, showing better and vascularity.

    Do More Every Day

    Don’t settle for less when you’re working out to be the best! Take 1.M.R VORTEX pre-workout training powder and feel the results immediately. No more excuses, only real gains!*†

    (Actual product might look different than the pictures showing here. The manufacturer changes the packaging from time to time, while the ingredients and nutritions remain the same.)

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